You want to invest un prestigious Real Estate

I want to invest in one or several MiHotel real estate properties

We offer you a selection of premium real estate properties, located in the heart of a major French city, inelegant condominiums.
ll our offers are all inclusive : we find, negotiate, renovate, decorate the properties for you with ourteams. The ROI is from 4.5 to 5%

I already have a property and I wish to improve its ROI and improve the rental safety

After precise study of your property, we can define renovation improvement at our cost in order to make sure the property will fit in the MiHotel offer. We will then manage your property, you will not have to worry about anything anymore and will receive a ROI of 4 or 5%.

I already have a property that is rented on short time lease and I am looking for a be2er solution to manage it.

If we take over the management of your properties rentals, after renovation according our specifications, our digital marketing and lead acquisition expertise will allow us to offer you a management solution with a strong ROI.

The MiHotel Travel Journal

Are you a Professional «Serial Travaller» ?

Do you regularly use MiHotel when staying in the City whether it be for business or pleasure? Do you look for the perfect place to hold meetings with broadband wi-fi, an overhead projector and a suite that can offer dining facilities or just somewhere to think quietly and relax?

MiHotel Pro

Invest into MiHotel

Are you looking to make an investment in central, dynamic, high-end real estate to enhance your assets? Do you own real estate and are wondering how to make it more profitable? Do you manage a short term rental and are looking for alternative ways of letting? Speak to us to discover our different business models for a winning investment.

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